Patriots in based Poland called Nazis. Sad!

A country that lost more than six million citizens to genocide, to starvation, to mass execution, disease, forced labour, bombing, the rifle and tank. A country betrayed again by noble Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta, sold into oppression under the Communist Stalin.

The United States of America, is your Independence Day Neo-Nazi?

France, is your Bastille Day Neo-Nazi?

Germany, is your Day of Unity Neo-Nazi?

Oh, but it is when Poland, who suffered more than any under Nazism- it is Neo-Nazi for Poland to celebrate her freedom.

This is a sick joke.

And you say, how dare Poland take pride in their nation? You say they are Nazis? Ha! In our superior West European countries, we can barely fly our own flags for the fear and shame of being called a nationalist. In England, we argue every damn year about whether the Poppy of Passchendaele is now a symbol of imperialism and hate. We promote the idea that we cannot be proud anymore. We have sold ourselves into a lie.

How dare you criticise Poland?