Democrats planning their next attack on GEOTUS

Don’t be fooled by recent comments by Democrats sharing their disgust with the criminal actions of sex abusers and sympathizing with the victims of this abuse.  The same people were the first to stand up and support Bill Clinton and condemn the same women victims for having the courage to stand up to him.

Democrats don’t suddenly care about President Clinton’s victims of rape and unwanted sexual abuse.  There is something else going on.

It’s not just the Senate race in Alabama that has Democrats standing up to abuse where the Republican candidate is being accused by a client of famous attorney, attention seeker and ultra liberal Gloria Allred.

No – the real reason Democrats are suddenly taking a stand against sex abuse is because Allred is behind a case in the courts where one of her accusers from shortly before the election is again in the courts attacking President Trump and claiming he defamed her when he said her claims were false.

Next attack on Trump?