How The Left’s Attacks On Religious Liberty Pushed Me Back Into Church

A great article about finding your faith again.

Religious people believe no mere mortal is flawless or pure, only God is. We recognize that we are born flawed and must consistently work to become better people; no one has it all figured out. We value all life equally. We band together to help others in our community who are in need. This is all largely consistent with my political beliefs of limited government; it’s the reason I’m a conservative.

There’s something refreshing about admitting you don’t have all the answers, about acknowledging your imperfections. Putting religion aside, realizing we are all works-in-progress allows you to forgive yourself when you screw up and to stop comparing yourself to your peers, who are no more perfect than you are. However, for Democrats, a party that frequently implies “they know better,” religion is a serious impediment to acquiring the power they need to impose their beliefs on others.